Alabama State Bar Appoints Clay Williams to Newly-Created Specialization & Certification Task Force

Senior Attorney Clay Williams was recently appointed to serve on the Alabama State Bar’s (ASB) newly-created Specialization & Certification Task Force by ASB President Bob Methvin.

The Alabama Supreme Court passed rules regarding Specialization in 1994. Since that time, these rules have not been used widely by the members of the Alabama State Bar. At its June 24, 2020, meeting, the Board of Bar Commissioners appointed all twelve members of the Legal Specialization Board.

The Specialization and Certification Task Force shall:

  • Evaluate the current specialization rules;
  • Make recommendations regarding how the Alabama State Bar can best support the current specialization rules;
  • Evaluate whether the current specialization rules should be updated in any way and make recommendations regarding any updates;
  • Evaluate how other states regulate and promote specialization of attorneys;
  • Make recommendations regarding ways the Alabama State Bar can communicate the availability of specialization certification to its members of the Alabama State Bar;
  • Make recommendations on if the Alabama State Bar should promote attorneys that are certified through an authorized specialization program and, if so, make recommendations on how that would be accomplished.
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