Red Flags to Watch on Retirement Claims

Whenever a downturn in financial investments occurs, and it continues for an extended time frame, you can rest assured that pension or retirement plans will be among those experiencing difficulties. When that occurs, pension plans look for ways to save

Equal Pay is the Law, But Does it Have Teeth?

Alabama Clarke-Figures Equal Pay Act at Ala. Code § 25-1-30 requires that an employer (inclusive of public employers) cannot pay persons performing the same work different rates of pay when they have the same skill, effort, education, experience, responsibility, and

What Are Exclusions?

Today we are going to be discussing What are exclusions? Exclusions are circumstances, situations or certain disabilities which will not result in a payment of benefits. Many common exclusions in disability policies are disabilities that are related to war, armed

Stand Up for Justice

Our firm’s attorney David Martin has an article published in the Alabama Association for Justice titled Stand up for Justice, which explores the gross unfairness in ERISA, which deprives thousands of people of lawfully receiving their long-term disability benefits. There

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