Dedicated, Diligent & Determined Representation

The gross unfairness of ERISA is why one shouldn’t handle ERISA cases occasionally. We handle ERISA cases ALL DAY EVERY DAY. That is what we do. If a potential client needs assistance on an auto accident case, we gladly refer them to someone else. We handle employee benefit claims and disability insurance claims almost all of which fall under ERISA.

While I am hard-pressed to find an area of law that is more unfair to employees, we have learned how to achieve positive results in the face of inherent unfairness. Over several decades, we have refined our approach and honed our skills. We stay abreast of the daily developments in this area, expanding our knowledge leveraged with our many years’ experience to bring about positive results. Our firm is dedicated to helping people with these types of claims.

To effectively handle these claims, we have built a capable team. We have two attorneys on every case, a third attorney as a case-consulting attorney, a case manager, a client relations manager, a bookkeeper, and in matters involving medical issues, a nurse. Everyone has their job, and everyone is well trained to do it.

We have a system so that our team work effectively and efficiently together. We have case management software that we continually update with new claim information. Every member of the team has access to the latest developments in a case. Everyone knows what needs to be done and everyone knows who is supposed to do it.

Every case has a plan. No two claims are exactly alike. Every case requires a unique plan of action. That plan is developed early in the case and adjusted as more information is gathered. We firmly believe the old saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Our plan is set to best position our clients to prevail in a recovery. If we take a case, we are determined to obtain a recovery.

We are strategically set up to do what we do. We are dedicated to this area of law, we are diligent in pursuing it, and we are determined to prevail for our clients.

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