We represent clients nationally and engage in video conference meetings with clients across the nation, we have face-to-face meetings for clients and potential clients in every major city in Alabama, Mississippi, the panhandle of Florida, southern Tennessee, and the western half of Georgia from Columbus to Atlanta.


Our ERISA attorneys focus solely on ERISA claims because we believe by doing one thing and doing it well, we can better serve our clients and referral sources. 

ERISA may apply to short term disability, long term disability, life insurance, and pension or retirement benefits provided by employee plans, but not to those provided by religious organizations and government organizations.

ERISA has very technical provisions protecting employees’ rights in the areas of long term disability, short term disability, life insurance, pension, retirement, and health benefits. Violations of ERISA are common.

As soon as you encounter trouble seeking ERISA benefits, you should seek the advice of an experienced ERISA attorney. Your rights could be impacted if you delay.​

We can help you with these ERISA cases:

LONG TERM DISABILITY – Many employees believe that they will automatically be covered by disability insurance policies. But, many who qualify for benefits discover that insurance companies do not make good on their policies. Disability can strike at any time and for any number of reasons. If and when it does, and you are fortunate to have group long term disability (LTD) insurance through your employer, you expect your long term disability plan to deliver on its promise to protect your income. Our ERISA lawyers are here to help!

SHORT TERM DISABILITY – Short term disability insurance benefits may not be covered by ERISA, but properly pursuing them can have long term impacts. Short term disability claims are tricky. Sometimes they are covered by ERISA, and sometimes they are not. You should seek the advice of a disability attorney as soon as your claim is denied. Regardless of the amount at stake, an appeal of such a denial can have significant repercussions on future long term disability claims.

LIFE INSURANCE – Life insurance is a common benefit of employment. As a result, it may be covered by ERISA. The policies may cover all causes of death and may even cover a spouse or child. Though claims under such policies would appear straightforward, they are regularly denied.

PENSION & RETIREMENT CLAIMS – Pensions and retirement funds managed by employers are a primary benefit of employment and fall under ERISA. These funds typically provide monthly income after retirement. Some plans pay lump sum retirement benefits. And, some provide for the continuation of retirement payments to a spouse after the insured dies. If you have difficulty with your pension or retirement claim, you should discuss it with an ERISA pension lawyer as soon as possible.


The Martin Law Group is dedicated to being your go-to ERISA attorneys and long term disability lawyers. Whether you are pursuing a long-term disability claim, life insurance benefits, or your pension or retirement benefits, we will meet with you face-to-face to discuss your claim at a location convenient for you.

In an effort to make disability claims as easy as possible, we offer a free initial consultation. We often work with clients in Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan, Tuscaloosa, and Florence, in Alabama, as well as with clients in Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Tupelo, and Gulfport, Mississippi, and surrounding areas.


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