Insurance Claim

Below are the different insurance companies we have represented claimants against in the past:

  • Aetna claims
  • AIG claims
  • Allstate claims
  • American United Life Insurance Company
  • Cigna claims
  • Continental Casualty Company
  • Great West Life claims
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company
  • The Hartford claims
  • Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
  • Liberty Mutual claims
  • Life Insurance Company of North America claims
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  • National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh
  • OneAmerica
  • One Beacon Insurance
  • Provident Life Insurance
  • Prudential Life
  • Reliance Standard Life Insurance
  • Sun Life Disability
  • Travelers Insurance claims
  • UniCare Insurance
  • United Healthcare claims
  • Unum claims
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