Lawyer Wellness: How to Stay Sane, Safe & Strong

With courts cancelled, offices closing, and social distancing being encouraged, it’s easy for anyone, especially lawyers, to begin feeling stir crazy. Lawyers, by our very nature, like to keep busy, and idle hands, as the old adage says, make fretful minds.

I thought I would take this opportunity to forego covering recent ERISA developments and instead focus on how we, as lawyers, can stay sane, safe, and strong over the next few weeks.

Below are a few tips:

  • Use this time to innovate. As ironic as it is, we constantly make excuses like “I don’t have time” to not innovate ways that could actually save us time. Use this time to do those things to make your office run more efficiently. Want to learn more about migrating your files to the cloud? Want to research whether your matter or case management system is the best fit for your practice? Do it!
  • Brush up on those periodicals. Have a stack of periodicals on your desk that you’ve been meaning to read? Use this time to keep your mind busy by reading.
  • Take an online CLE. Obviously in-person CLEs are probably going to be cancelled because of the CDC’s recommendations; however, you can still take online CLEs. Learning something new will not only make you happier but build your confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Encourage your staff. During this uncertain time, your staff may be feeling anxious. Take some time to let them know how much you appreciate them and their hard work. It will not only lead to a happier office, but it can take their minds off of their anxieties.
  • Focus on your mental and physical health. Some reports suggest as many as one in five attorneys struggles with problem drinking, including binge and heavy drinking. This is twice the national rate. It can be easy to use alcohol as a way to not only pass the time but to soothe anxieties. During this time, focus on your mental and physical health. Go for a run in the park (while keeping those social distancing recommendations in mind). Play a game with your family. Read that book that’s been on your nightstand for months. Do things that keep you physically healthy to keep you mentally healthy.

As always, we are here to help you and your clients with any ERISA claims including long-term disability, short-term disability, retirement, pension or life insurance; however, we are also here as fellow lawyers to encourage you to stay sane, safe and strong in this time of uncertainty.

Take care.

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