Long-Term Disability Insurance Terms Defined: Part I

If you have ever heard legal terms tossed around during a conversation about long-term disability and were left scratching your head, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Like any specialized field, the nomenclature of disability law can be a mystery to those who don’t navigate it on a daily basis. With a little bit of guidance, however, things that were once foggy will become clear. That is why we have put together a brief overview of some of the terms commonly associated with long-term disability.

  • Limitations: Some long-term disability plans limit the payment of benefits for certain types of disabilities. For instance, pre-existing conditions may not be covered, or there may be a time period that will have to pass before coverage can begin.
  • Active, Full-Time Employee: This term refers to the requirement that an employee must work for an employer for a minimum number of hours (in this case, enough hours to be considered full-time) on a regular basis.
  • Definition of Total Disability: This term refers to the manner in which the disability is defined in an insurance policy. This definition is used to determine whether or not an employee is eligible to receive disability benefits.
  • Exclusions: Many long-term disability plans include exceptions for the types of injury or conditions they cover. For instance, many LTD plans have exclusions for self-inflicted injuries, or disabilities resulting from injuries sustained while committing a felony or participating in criminal acts.
  • Family Care Expenses: An option with most long-term disability plans, family care expense options provide an employee with children with extra help while he/she is attempting to return to work.

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