Meet Our Team: Case Manager Katelyn Walker

Katelyn Walker is one of our Case Managers here at the Martin Law Group. Katelyn has the pleasure of working directly with Senior Attorney Clay Williams. Katelyn helps in the investigation, evaluation, and advancement of his cases. Attention to detail is especially critical.

A few of Katelyn’s favorite moments here have been starting relationships that flourish, with clients. Getting to know the clients she helps and relating to them on a personal level is something that makes her job that much better. You may even be some of the many clients who call Katelyn to check up on her if you have not spoken in a while!

Katelyn enjoys working directly with Clay Williams because he is kind, patient, and happy to assist her when she has any questions or concerns. Having the opportunity to work with Clay has also provided her with the opportunity to learn even more about ERISA law.

Free time for Katelyn is filled with church events, spending time and playing with her puppy, watching some of her favorite TV shows, and traveling. Warm weather and being able to enjoy the outdoors is why summer is Katelyn’s favorite time of year.

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