We Stand Against Injustice

Many prefer not to get involved when they see injustice. That allows evil to fester and eventually prevail. In 1867 Stuart Mill said, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” There is no greater injustice than that perpetrated by someone in a trusted position of authority.

We have seen and heard a lot about injustice lately, particularly by those who have abused their power. And particularly the impact that it has had on black Americans. We are a society of rules. Rules should be enforced fairly and evenly to all to whom they apply. Unequal enforcement of rules (or the enforcement of unwritten rules) breeds contempt for the rules and their enforcers. We must speak out against this if we want the rules to protect us and if we want order in our society.

Our firm motto is, “Rebuilding justice one case at a time.”

For our practice, it means seeing that employees and their families get the benefits that they bargained for, often provided through their employer, such as long-term disability, life insurance, and pension. Our clients feel injustice. And we seek to right the wrong. So, as a firm, we know a little about injustice. But this is much bigger.

The grave and systemic injustices which have been allowed to exist and continue unabated in this country because of silence cannot be tolerated and must be addressed. As a firm, we cannot look on injustice and turn our head. We must speak out. We must extend our fight against injustice beyond what we do for our clients. We will seek every opportunity to do our part. To speak up and take action. To rebuild justice on a grander scale. We encourage you to as well.

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