Who Claims Disability [Video]

Many people look down their noses at those who are disabled, or in their minds, those who make disability claims. “Freeloaders.” “Lazy bums.” “Frauds.” These are terms that come to mind for many when they think about those who make disability claims.

I have represented people making long-term disability claims for more than 26 years. While I have experienced a few bad apples, no one yet has wanted to stop working so that they could receive 60% or less of what they used to make – which is what a typical disability policy pays. When you are hungry, in pain and in debt up to your ears, you just want to work. But, they cannot.

Those making claims on disability insurance policies are simply trying to recover what they paid for. They are trying to enforce a contract for which consideration has been paid in the form of premiums paid either directly of by their employer as a benefit for them.

Who is a typical disability claimant? The only thing typical about our clients are that they want to work and cannot. Otherwise, they come in every size, shape, and color. They are all ages, from all socio-economic backgrounds. Some are high wage earners and others are not. They look like you and me.

Injuries and illnesses can happen to anyone. At any given time, we are only one accident away from losing our earning power. While one may eventually qualify for Social Security disability, those under 50 have a much harder time qualifying. It can also take a while — in some instances two years or more.

Make sure you have a long-term disability benefit through your employer or purchase your own private disability policy. It is more important than life insurance in my view. It is a hopeless feeling to lose the ability to support yourself and your family.

And, when the disability insurer refuses to honor their agreement, we are here to help. We are honored to work for people who simply want to work but cannot. We enjoy helping them get what they deserve.

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