Why You Should Challenge Your Short-Term Disability Benefit Denial

Short-term disability claims are denied just as often as long-term disability claims are, but they are more often left unchallenged. Many claimants decide that the process isn’t worth the amount of money that they would get.

Short-term disability is typically used for illnesses or injuries that are going to impair a person’s ability to work for less than a year, and some people choose to make ends meet for the duration of their illness or injury instead of going through the hassle of appealing a denied claim. Our disability lawyers in Tuscaloosa can tell you one very important reason you should challenge a short-term disability denial: many of these cases become long-term disabilities.

While many of the people using short-term disability insurance go on to recover and go back to work without much of an issue, others may discover that their condition worsens. In that event, they may be deemed unfit to go back to work. If that happens, you’ll be facing the process of applying for long-term disability benefits. If you’ve already been denied for short-term disability, it can make your chances of receiving long-term disability much more difficult.

The best thing to do if you’ve been denied short-term disability benefits is to contact our disability lawyers in Tuscaloosa. We can:

  • Help you challenge the denial of your benefits, making sure you are responding within the allotted deadlines and filing all of the correct
  • Help you correct the reasons you were denied in the first place and help you get the benefits that you need
  • Help to make you more secure right now, but puts your mind at ease for any issues that might come up in the future

Get a free consultation with our disability lawyers by calling us today.

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