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The Martin Law Group's ERISA Case Lawyers have been handling ERISA benefits claims for over 25 years. ERISA claims are our focus. Let us handle your client's ERISA claims and you concentrate on all the others.

David Martin and Clay Williams have extensive experience in all aspects of ERISA cases, from claims, to administrative appeals, to litigation, to appeals in federal court.

  • Has your client's claim for long-term disabilityshort-term disability, or life insurance benefits been denied?
  • Does your client have a claim related to their pension or retirement accounts?
  • Is your client having COBRA issues?
  • Do you have an issue and aren't sure whether it's covered by ERISA?
  • Are you concerned that ERISA might somehow come into play in a claim that you are evaluating, whether it's an employment matter, workers' compensation, or personal injury?
  • Is it unclear what effect ERISA could have on the case that you are considering?

Your concerns are legitimate and well-founded. ERISA can preempt what would otherwise be a state court claim, and you can find the rug quickly pulled right out from under you.

Don't worry. We will gladly screen your case for you and with you, and it doesn't cost a thing. The vast majority of our cases come from other lawyers. We regularly review cases to identify any ERISA claims which may be lurking in your facts. If there are, we can take it from there (if you want). No more worries for you. And you get the added benefit of a referral fee.


Convenient Location for Clients and Lawyers

We receive ERISA case referrals from attorneys all over Alabama, Mississippi, and beyond. We regularly practice in federal courts throughout Alabama and Mississippi.

And we will come to meet with your clients at your office. Clients appreciate that we are willing to come to them and meet face-to-face. And those visits enhance your relationship with them as well.


Referrals Make Good Business Sense

Referrals make good business sense for several reasons because they:

  • Encourage specialization of the bar;
  • Promote efficiency in rendering legal services;
  • Allow the referring attorney to be compensated; and,
  • Provide a valuable service to the client.​

Clients come to you for a variety of legal matters. But they also understand that lawyers specialize just like doctors. Clients trust that if you are not the best person to handle their legal issues, you will direct them to someone who can.​ Let us be your go-to ERISA lawyers.


Fees for Associating & Referring Attorneys

Typically, we pay associating and referring attorneys a fee equal to 1/3 of the attorneys' fees recovered above $10,000. If there is a large fee recovery, we may waive the minimum requirement depending on the circumstances of the case.

This fee is compensation for meeting, communicating, coordinating, and maintaining the relationship with the client; and, keeping up-to-speed on the case and helping as necessary. Many times a referring or associating attorney will allow us to use their facilities, equipment, and staff as we meet and work with our client.


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