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Short-Term Disability And ERISA

Short-term disability insurance benefits may not be covered by ERISA, but properly pursuing them can have long-term impacts.

Short-term disability claims are tricky. Sometimes they are covered by ERISA, and sometimes they are not. You should seek the advice of a disability attorney as soon as your claim is denied. Regardless of the amount at stake, an appeal of such a denial can have significant repercussions on future long-term disability claims.

​A short-term disability claim may develop into a long-term disability claim. The case must be properly documented from the beginning for a later long-term disability claim to be successful.


Importance of Short-Term Disability Appeals

The successful appeal of a short-term disability claim may provide the basis for a long-term disability claim or appeal.

We have successfully handled short-term disability claim appeals, which later allowed long-term disability benefits. Short-term disability and long-term disability policies are often administered separately, even by different companies. However, often, you can pursue a short-term disability claim and a long-term disability claim simultaneously.


Temporary Disability

Our experienced ERISA disability attorneys and long-term disability lawyers advise on how to improve the chances of qualifying for short-term disability benefits and how to preserve your rights to claim long-term disability benefits later.

Watch for policies or plans with these exclusions or limitations of coverage. Ask an experienced disability lawyer to help you determine what your plan covers.

Contact an experienced ERISA short-term disability lawyer today for help with your claim for short-term disability benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions about Short-Term Disability Lawsuits


Q. What is a short-term disability?

A. According to, short-term disability can be defined as “an injury or illness that keeps a person from working for a short time.” The definition of short-term disability (and the time period over which coverage extends) differs among insurance companies and employers.

Examine your disability policy or plan to see what is covered before you file a claim. An experienced short-term disability lawyer can help you interpret your plan documents.


Q. What qualifies for short-term disability?

A. Any illness, physical condition, or injury which prevents you from performing the basic skills required to perform your job for some period of time prescribed by the policy or plan can qualify you for short-term disability benefits

For a list of disabling medical conditions, click here.



Q. Who qualifies for short-term disability?

A. Whether short-term disability is covered depends upon the policy language or plan that provides that benefit. Coverage is limited to the named insured or, if an employer-provided plan, an employee meets the definitions in the plan.


Q. How long does short-term disability last?

A. Short-term disability benefits usually last 90 to 180 days but can last up to two years. How long short-term disability lasts depends entirely on the plan or policy.


Q. What does short-term disability cover?

A. Short-term disability provides some portion of your wages, usually a fixed percentage, during your period of disability.


Q. How do I get short-term disability?

A. In order to qualify for short-term disability benefits, you must follow the procedures set out in the plan or policy.


Q. When does short-term disability start?

A. Short-term disability benefits start when the period prescribed by the plan or policy for the duration of the inability to work are reached.


Q. What are some reasons short-term disability can be denied?

A. There are many reasons that short-term disability benefits are denied, such as an alleged failure to meet the definition of disability under the plan or policy. For example, the policy may only provide benefits if you cannot do all of the principal duties of your job.


Contact A Short Term Disability Attorney For Help In Alabama

If you are thinking about filing a short-term disability claim or your short-term disability claim has been denied, you need the help of an experienced ERISA disability attorney.

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