Introduction to The Martin Law Group’s “The Edge” Video Series

The long term disability lawyers in our firm are focused on helping people with disability policies and ERISA claims. Today we are launching this new video series intended to give you “the edge” in understanding your disability policy. We will post a new video each Thursday. Each video will be about two minutes and will focus on one critical term. It is hard to read and understand a disability policy because it contains terms. and words that have new meanings.

The insurance company knows what nearly every term means, and it should since it drafted the policy. But, you don’t read policies every day, so you are clearly at a disadvantage. We would like to give you an edge to level the playing field. Each week, we will go over many of the terms and critical duties you must follow used over the last 30 years, both in the claims process and litigation. You can lose your claim if you don’t understand those terms or what is required.

So, don’t throw your policy in a drawer or pay premiums each month without knowing what you have. Watch these videos to better understand what is available to you. We will also point out the unfairness that could arise despite the good money you’ve paid for that policy. Remember we’re here to help whenever you run into problems. Contact us at the first sign of trouble.

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