Miraculous Recovery After 34 Years!

For 34 years, Hartford found Ms. Bear to be disabled. Then a new adjuster determined that Ms. Bear, then 60 years old, was no longer disabled, and was capable of learning a new occupation and performing sedentary work. Watch today’s client video to find out more on why our experienced long term disability attorneys allow clients the option of spreading their fee agreements out over longer time frames.

If you have a long term disability claim and have any concerns at all over an adverse action, or especially if your long term disability claim is denied, you need to call our ERISA disability attorneys right away and let our experience go to work for you. Your disability claim may be your lifeline to your future. Don’t let that be easily snatched away from you by misuse of the ERISA statute.

Our ERISA attorneys are dedicated to providing trusted legal advice to ensure that our clients in Alabama, Mississippi, and around the country, receive the benefits they deserve. Contact attorney David Martin at 800-284-9309 or david@erisacase.com.

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