What’s New On ERISACase.com?

We took a long hard look at our website. It did not provide the information that you most often needed in an easy-to-access format. So, we changed it.


For Attorneys. You are important to us. So, we created a tab especially for attorneys. Click it, and you will see the types of claims governed by ERISA, fee arrangements for associating and referring attorneys, and why referrals make good sense. Read more.

New Blog. We have redesigned our blog. Not only is it easier to read, but it contains even more useful information. Read more.

Your ERISA Team. We have an experienced and effective team of attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and advocates. Put a face with a name, and get to know our team better. Read more.

What is ERISA? Most clients have never heard of ERISA until they have a claim. And, most attorneys are unaware of the many issues governed by ERISA. We have made that information readily available throughout our new website.

Frequently Asked Questions. Questions often arise throughout the ERISA claim process. We have answered the most frequently asked questions in an easy-to-follow format. Read more.

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