Who Qualifies for Long-Term Disability?

Long term disability (“LTD”) is a private benefit which is governed by a contract that is provided by you or someone else on your behalf. When it is endorsed by an employer, it is regulated or governed by federal or state law, depending on the employer. You qualify for LTD when you meet the contract requirements for that benefit. If that benefit has not been provided for you, then you will not qualify for such a benefit. There is no general federal or state law requiring that a benefit be provided. Only if a contract covers you will a law govern how it is provided. Check with your employer to see if you have such a benefit.

Remember, an LTD benefit should not be confused with other benefits that you may qualify to receive when disability strikes. Several other benefits may be available that are not called long‑term disability. For example, Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income are government-provided benefits. Some may also have a pension that pays a disability pension benefit when disability arises.

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