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Common Reasons People are Denied Social Security Benefits

Posted by David P. Martin | Dec 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

Going through the process of applying for social security benefits is no small task. You spend hours of your time making sure that every piece of your application is correct. You submit your W2's, medical records, lab results, lists of medications and all other relevant information and put your trust in the system. It's devastating when your application comes back as denied. Not only did you spend all of your time applying for these benefits, you desperately need them in order to survive.

Our disability lawyer in Mississippi has seen this happen countless times to people who genuinely need disability benefits. What we can tell you is this: just because you've been denied doesn't mean you can't fight the decision. We can help you appeal your case and attempt to get the denial overturned so you can get the benefits that you need. One of the first steps we'll need to take is to determine why you may have been denied. That will show us what tactics we need to use when we make the appeal. Here are some of the common reasons we see social security disability applications denied:

You are earning too much money.

Social security disability is there to help people who aren't able to earn enough money on their own due to their disability. If you are earning above what the Social Security office believes to be a substantial income, they will deny your benefits. The maximum income allowance is adjusted on an annual basis, so if you barely meet the income threshold it could be worth applying again should the income amount go up.

Your disability isn't considered severe enough.

This is a tricky subject because it the severity of a disability could be somewhat subjective. To you, the disability may be life-altering and completely preclude you from working. To the Social Security Administration, it might not be severe enough to warrant benefits. This is a case where you definitely need a good disability lawyer to help you fight the initial ruling.

You won't follow doctor's orders.

If a doctor has prescribed a course of treatment and you've refused to follow their orders, it can result in the denial of your disability benefits. The Social Security Administration will look closely at your medical records to determine if you've done everything your doctor said that you should be doing in order to overcome your disability. This is why it's important to work with your doctors when you've become injured or are suffering from a disability that's keeping you from work.

Your disability is related to a drug or alcohol addiction.

If your disability is the result of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you will likely be denied benefits. Unfortunately, addiction isn't seen as a disability in the United States. The Social Security Administration will determine whether or not your disability is drug or alcohol related by determining whether or not you would still be disabled if you were no longer addicted to those substances. If you would be, you should still be eligible.

What you need to do next

Once you've received your denial letter, you should know why you've been denied for benefits. The important thing to do is to act quickly on your appeal. You'll want to contact our disability lawyer in Mississippi in order to get the process started. We'll help you file an appeal and address the reasons for your denial in order to give you the best chance possible of getting the benefits that you need. We've worked with hundreds of clients on their social security disability benefits. Trust us with your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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