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Ten Traits of the Model ERISA Client

Posted by David P. Martin | Feb 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

Many of our clients want to know what is expected of them if they hire us to represent them in their ERISA or employee benefits claim. We also want our referral sources to know what is expected of your clients when you refer their cases to us.

10 Traits of the Model ERISA Client

  • The model ERISA client provides us all information, both good and bad. A model client needs to be honest and forthright with the negative points as well as the positive points in their case. There is always something bad that can be said about a case but knowing these problems upfront helps us to address them promptly. The model client also provides all documents and information from conversations that may have taken place.
  • The model ERISA client acts promptly with requests for information. Time blocking is a way for our attorneys to manage their time efficiently and effectively. If a client does not provide requested information back to us in a timely manner, the attorneys will have to move on to a different matter and then circle back. The sooner a client sends their documents in, the better it is for their case.
  • The model ERISA client keeps us informed on their medical condition and care. We of course care about our client's well-being, but we also need to know this information for the purpose of advancing their case.
  • The model ERISA client keeps us updated with their contact information. In the event a client has to move or change their contact information, our firm has to stay in the loop. If their physical address, mailing address, email, or phone number changes, we need to know in order to send them important information about their case. This is extremely critical if their case is in litigation.
  • The model ERISA client uses our Client Portal to share confidential documents and information and uses our text message system to communicate. Confidential information can accidentally be sent to the wrong people. We want our clients to use the Client Portal provided to them, so they can safely share information. Our Client Portal also allows clients to see developments on their case. Additionally, we want our clients to use the text messaging system we have in place so that questions and concerns may be addressed promptly.
  • The model ERISA client asks questions. We understand ERISA and disability policies can be confusing. We pride ourselves on being able to explain and break down the information for our clients. We would rather them ask questions if they don't quite understand something.
  • The model ERISA client informs us of travel and unavailability in advance – especially if for medical treatment. Each client's case is very important to us. By letting us know their travel arrangements and how best to contact them, we can better reach them in the event we need to relay information.
  • The model ERISA client avoids posting information on social media that might hinder their case. Insurance companies can find out many things from a client's social media. By posting pictures that depict them being active or taking trips, an insurance company or plan administrator may use that as evidence to assert that the client does not have a disabling condition. Clients should always be conscious and aware of any posts they share, even if they are photos from the past when they were not disabled.
  • The model ERISA client is patient with the process. In litigation, there are time limits that can be adjusted by the court. These time limits may become shorter or longer, but in the event this happens, we must honor and abide by these time limits while advancing each client's case in that time frame as well. There are time limits to nearly every part of a disability claim. These times limits are something we must follow but we also must take time to thoroughly gather information to present the best claim for each client possible.
  • The model ERISA client gives us feedback. We enjoy hearing from our clients. We want to know how we are doing and how we can improve. By providing us feedback, we are able to better ourselves for our clients.

If you or a client has an ERISA case lurking in their personal injury, malpractice, social security, employment, workers' compensation, or bankruptcy case, it is crucial that they are a model client, so we can be model ERISA attorneys for them.

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